Optimizing Space and Workflow in Your Florida Kitchen

Hey, Florida sun-lovers! Dreaming of a kitchen where you can flip pancakes, dance to the Beach Boys, and not bump into anything? Turns out, the secret sauce isn’t in a bottle—it’s in your kitchen layout. So, pop on your sunglasses (not really, it’s just a fun suggestion) and let’s embark on a culinary design adventure through the Sunshine State!

1. U-Shaped Layout: Embrace the Horseshoe

One of the faves among Floridians, the U-shape layout is a win-win. Offering ample counter space, this layout works great for those who take their cooking (and their space) seriously. Bonus: It keeps nosy onlookers at bay while you’re trying that secret family recipe.

2. L-Shaped Corner Setup: The Chilled-Out Floridian’s Choice

Ideal for open-plan living, the L-shape serves those who love to multitask. You can stir your Key West shrimp curry on one side and chat with friends lounging in the living area on the other. Talk about work-life balance, kitchen edition!

3. Galley or Corridor Style: Making the Most of Slim Spaces

Got a Miami condo vibe going? The galley layout, inspired by ship design, makes the most of narrow spaces. With parallel counters, this layout ensures everything’s within reach, so you can whip up dishes faster than a Florida thunderstorm rolls in.

4. Island Layout: The Social Butterfly’s Dream

Let’s get the party started! Central to the kitchen, the island is perfect for those brunch get-togethers or late-night mojito mixings. Plus, you can show off those fancy bar stools you snagged on your last trip to Tampa.

5. Peninsula Layout: The Almost-Island

If you’re teetering between wanting an island and worrying about space, the peninsula is your buddy. It’s attached to the main workspace but gives you that sought-after additional counter. Perfect for serving up those Orlando orange slices.

Space & Flow Tips Just for You:

Declutter: Store appliances you don’t use daily. Remember that waffle maker you used… once?

Zoning: Group related tasks. Place pots near the stove and chopping boards near the sink. It’s like setting up beach zones, but for cooking.

Safety First: Keep the stove away from high traffic areas. We want the sizzle in the pan, not on someone’s arm!

Here’s a Zesty Tip:

Feeling all tangled up in measuring tapes and design magazines? Before you throw in the kitchen towel, consider a chat with In Home Assister. These folks are pros at fitting dreams into dimensions!


Remember, Florida friends, the heart of your home beats in the kitchen. The right layout doesn’t just look good—it feels good. You’ll know it’s perfect when you can glide from fridge to stove, salsa dancing optional but highly recommended. To better cooking adventures and even better memories!


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