Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Exploring Different Designs and Finishes in the Sunshine State

Florida homemakers and design aficionados! Has your kitchen been crying out for a revamp? Or are you simply curious about the design winds blowing through the Sunshine State? Either way, let’s journey through the maze of kitchen cabinet styles making waves in Florida.

The Classic Shaker:

Born in the 1700s but never out of style! Recognized by its five-panel door, the shaker has been a mainstay in many a Florida home. Whether you’re in a suburban Orlando neighborhood or a beachside cottage, this look is adaptable and evergreen.

Louvered Loveliness:

Inspired by Florida’s love affair with shutters? Louvered cabinets echo this design. They’re not just eye-candy; they’re perfect for spaces needing ventilation – like that cabinet above your coffee maker that steams up!

Flat & Fabulous:

For the minimalist Floridian, flat-panel cabinets are the go-to. Sleek, modern, and void of any cluttersome details. Think Miami’s high-rise condos with views of azure waters.

Inset Intrigue:

Precision at its finest! The door sits inside the cabinet frame, giving it a detailed finish. A little pricier, but hey, sometimes your St. Petersburg pad deserves a bit of posh.

Beadboard Bliss:

Dreaming of a coastal vibe? Maybe a Key West kitchen? Beadboard cabinets bring in that beachy feel. Just a quick tip: keep them clean! Florida’s humidity can be tricky with all those nooks.

Glass Front Glam:

No need to play hide and seek with your fancy china. Glass front cabinets let you display your best, making every day feel like a high-end brunch in Boca Raton.

Distinctive Finishes:

Natural Wood: A timeless choice. From Tampa’s traditional homes to Jacksonville’s contemporary condos, wood cabinets are universally loved.

Distressed: Going for a rustic, lived-in vibe? Distressed finishes bring that old Florida charm.

Glazed: Add depth and detail to your cabinets with a glazed finish. It’s like the icing on your Florida orange cake!

Lacquered: Shiny and sleek, this finish reflects Florida’s vibrant energy. Perfect for those night-time cocktail parties.

A Word of Recommendation:

Revamping a kitchen can be thrilling yet overwhelming. If ever in doubt, there’s a Florida gem waiting to assist. In Home Assister has earned accolades for turning kitchen dreams into reality. We can guide you through the plethora of choices to find the perfect fit.

In Conclusion, cabinets are more than storage spaces; they’re the essence of your kitchen’s design. And with Florida’s diverse cultural and coastal influences, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Whether you lean towards the vintage vibes of old Tampa or the sleek sophistication of modern Miami, ensure your kitchen tells your unique Florida tale.


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