Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Adding Style and Personality to Your Florida Cabinets

Ever thought of your kitchen cabinets as the silent narrators of your home story? It’s the little things that shout the loudest, and when it comes to kitchen cabinets, the hardware is where the magic’s at. Let’s dive into the ocean (Floridian pun intended) of options and see how to add that extra pizzazz to your Florida home.

1. Knobs: Small but Mighty

Knobs are the classics. Round, square, oval, or quirky shapes – there’s a knob for every Florida kitchen. Pair ceramic ones with a cottage-style kitchen or go metal for a modern touch.

2. Pulls: A Firm Grip on Style

Pulls, or handles, provide a larger canvas for style and function. Think of the long, sleek bar pulls for a contemporary Florida beach house, or the ornate brass ones for something more traditional.

3. Cup Pulls: A Dash of Vintage

Add a sprinkle of old-world charm with cup pulls. Ideal for traditional or vintage-style kitchens, they give a nod to Florida’s rich history.

4. Backplates: The Unsung Heroes

Think of backplates as the backdrop for your knobs or pulls. Not only do they protect your cabinets from oil and dirt but also enhance the hardware’s style quotient.

Sassy Materials & Finishes

Stainless Steel: For the ones who appreciate the gleam under the Florida sun.

Brass: A bit old-school, but hey, who doesn’t love a good throwback?

Ceramic: Perfect for the cottagecore enthusiasts.

Glass: Crystal clear choices for those wanting a touch of elegance.

Position is Key, Folks!

Whether you place the hardware at the top, center, or bottom of your cabinet door, it changes the whole look. Center placements ooze traditional vibes, while top or bottom placements lean modern.

Mix ‘n Match: Break the Monotony

Who said you need to stick to one type of hardware? Mix knobs with pulls. A modern Florida kitchen with an eclectic touch? Yes, please!

A Cheeky Tip for Floridians: If you’re thinking, “Man, there’s a hurricane of choices here,” remember to consider your kitchen’s overall theme. And hey, if you ever feel swamped, In Home Assister is the beacon in the Florida hardware storm.

In conclusion, in the vast land of kitchen aesthetics, cabinet hardware might seem like a drop in the ocean. But, just like every drop counts in our Floridian shores, every hardware choice amplifies the essence of your kitchen. So, next time you open that cabinet to grab a snack, take a moment to appreciate the tiny marvels that make it all come together.


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